Keep on the Shadowfell

Into the Ground
The decent begins

Our hero’s have made it to town and after eating at the local tavern the barkeep suggests they speak with Earnest Padraig the local governor. Deals are made for recompense and the hero’s set out in hunt of the kobold den. Cleaning up there they find evidence of the Orcus cult in the area and after hunting for clues they go to the dragon fall.

There they fight the cultists and recover a mirror that was key to the seal holding closed the portal to the shadow fell. They also learn from the mage in town that the cultist are trying to open the portal that now lies below the old keep ruins.

So off they set to plow the depths of the old keep and restore the integrity of the seal.

On the road
The beginning

Content Not Found: spilltide and Nyarai received orders from the church to investigate a death cult assembling in the area of the town of winterhaven

Griphon Palnoma, Mara, and Content Not Found: Geldorn had been hired by a scholar named Parle Cranewing to locate an old keep in the winterhaven area, and to map out the remains of it

along the line the two groups meet up and decide to travel together for safety on their way to Winterhaven

walking along the Queen’s Road to Winterhaven the party was ambushed by Kobolds after finding a group of tomb stones

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